Florida Everglades Python Problem

What do you think of when you hear the word “Python”? Big, deadly, scary, snake? Burmese pythons turned loose by their owners in Florida’s Everglades are threatening their ecosystem. This is creating a conflict that needs to be resolved. Although the Burmese Python may not seem like a threat, it is a large and powerful […]

Should People be Able to Claim Land in Outer Space?

People claiming land in space for themselves is a bit ridiculous, don’t you agree? Shouldn’t people be allowed to have access to all land in outer space and explore wherever they want to? People should not be allowed to claim land in outer space. My first reason why people shouldn’t be able to claim land […]

Hero Poetry Project

Russell Wilson He catches the snap. He throws a line drive bullet. The ball is caught. A touchdown is scored As the game clock ticks 0:00. They are victorious.   Brayden Best Friends Forever Reminds me of myself Athletic like me Year younger than me Does not back down Eager to have fun together Nice […]

Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores?

Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores?

  Do you get paid to do chores? Although I do not, I think that kids should get paid to do family chores that anyone could do, but not their own personal chores. However, that is my opinion and parents can decide for themselves. I am writing this to explain about a disagreement about whether […]

The Destruction of Hurricane Sandy

The Destruction of Hurricane Sandy

Introduction Have you ever been involved in a serious natural disaster? If you have, then you know how devastating these disasters can be. I remember not too long ago watching Hurricane Sandy on the news and seeing the damage done, so it inspired me to write this essay. Although there have been many disasters, Hurricane […]

About Me

Hi my name is Will. I enjoy sports such as playing soccer and running cross country. I also like watching football. My favorite foods are brownies and ice cream. My favorite subjects are Math and Gym. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and dog. I hope to grow up and be successful by […]

Quality Comments

When commenting on a blog, it is important to have good, quality comments for everyone. Good comments should start a conversation with someone such as through a connection that is on topic. You want to comment about something relevant to the post. Another good idea is to have proper spelling and punctuation, as well as […]

Commenting On Other’s Blogs

First, I commented on Bailee’s About Me post because I found it interesting in the similarities we share. Comment – Dear Bailee, I enjoyed reading about you. I also have a black lab dog I love at my house named Leah. I also want a pet cat. Also how old is your dog? (Mine is […]

The Aftermath of Ichabod Crane

The Aftermath of Ichabod Crane By Will Maciejewski   Introduction   “Where am I?” cried Ichabod Crane, the old schoolmaster. Then he remembered back to what happened to him before. The Headless Horseman ¬† ¬†threw his pumpkin head at Ichabod. It all went dark. Then Ichabod floated down the river and under the church bridge. […]

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